Lot of time has passed from the introduction of meter on second life.
Those system has been usefull and created to improve the interactions between players while they role.
During this "Evolution" of Meters... of Combact Meters, the concept of personalization of character has been slowly vanished
inside the "Combact Sim's Spiral".
And inevitably the best meters around, and with best i mean the most used, are elementary, who don't care much on stat or specialization....
only some hit and run, who has low lag will able to collect more victoryes, without care of experience of characted earned roleplaying lot of time,
defeated by the last one just arrived.
All Combat Meters that has been projected and been chosed from sim owners only to increase traffic. Where all has same stats or near of it. The only key to be different it's to buy some special weapons or other stuff to improve your character and damage.... money and money... and in somewhere are not permitted too, to keep everyones SAME.
Lag has another thing to don't forget, peoples must wear low prims and low script outfits to don't lag while they fight, and they can't wear what they like.

Finnaly, after years of roleplay sim experience, i've decided to solve all those issues, to break this wall.
After 6 mounths of job with an excellent Team,
--------DIABLO-CS2's born!--------
This meter break all kind of normal SL's Fight Meter concept.
A NEW Concept insipred to Oblivion, Dragon Age, World of Warcraft and Neverwinter Nights.