Inspired by the game system of "Dungeons and Dragon".

Calculation of hit points, Armor class, attack rolls, various Bonus, Penalty.

Rules from the most famous board game in the world!

Management character of the player

Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma influence your vitality, spiritual energy (mana) , the possibility to use weapons, armors and protections. All that elements can influence the result of any battle.

During a tournament is not only the speed click of the mouse that influence the fight against others avatar but also the valour of the Player:

1) personality characteristics: strength, dexterity and constitution in particular, but also wisdom, intelligence and charisma especially for spells
2) different kind of Armors (armor consists of several pieces)
3) different kinds of Protection
4) different kinds of weapons

In particular:
Strength, Constitution and Dexterity influence the combact body to body.
Intelligence, Wishdom and Charisma for magic spells

Weapons Management
- Management of Armor (armor, helmet, etc.)
- Management of Protection (gloves, boots, bracelets, amulets, magic, etc.)
Special Diablocs Vendors sell these items in world. Items are not physical objects to wear! After buy it (with gold coins or L$) combat meter will update equipment table (visible in world and via website).
Properties may be Bonus attack (weapons) and defense bonus ( armor protection ).

Whenever we are attacked there is a message overhead.

Red message if hit, yellow message if hit missed

Creatures for fight

The creatures have their own combat meter.
Any creatures can attack players, wand , or follow someone
Any creatures can be configured from owner and have different statistics !

Some magic staff can evocate creatures.
Physical objects who have a mute meter incorporated (without written acknowledgment ) could be destroyed and give points as a reward
For example statues, houses and furniture may be destroyed with bows and swords.

Horses and other objects "rideable" (floats, dragons, etc.) .
Different kind of items may be modified so a player can sit and influence our statistics !

Fountains of regeneration

Management of Points, Experience Points, Levels

The winner of a fight and who resolve the quests (see the game master of the land) increase points. Sufficient points help the Player to pass to the Next Level.

Mystical Orb

The Game Master of the Land can use "Mystical Globe" item : a special hud that assign points, golds and specific character points to a player.
This ability is accessible also from web site ( officier level required )
See Kit-For-Owner in MarketPlace or DiabloCs Store