In the website you can see saved activities of the game, our characteristics, number of victories and defeats.
The player can access with your password to review your game stats.
Default configuration will be load in a new land but only the Land-Owner and the Officiers can modify land settings. See "kit for owner" in the DiabloCs Store or in Linden Marketplace.

Officier can access to setup of land from website:

Enable/Disable rez of Tombstone when die

Enable/Disabler rez of Gold Bag after transaction

Enable/Disable rez of blood spot when player die

You can personalize Death and Wounded time

You can decide if Player has same characteristics of all other or not

Camping mode: enable/disable camping in your land

Capture mode: enable/disable capture mode when win a battle fight


Linked lands

Each Land has separate setting and can be linked to another land to condivide the some player data and land setting data !

Player management section

A table that show list of player registered in your land.
From this section you can modify player statistics and see History for gold transactions and points received.

Race and Class section

Any land has default class and race (from Dungeon and Dragon game )
Officier can personalize this section creating his table of Races and Classes.
Parameters of this section may influence or not Player statistics.
Race and class will be show like as hovertext over the player .
Races: has no influence on the player. It is only a description. May be changend from player
Class: influce many parameters of player.
- start strength, dexterity, constitution, intelligence, wisdom, charisma
- kind of player (swordman, bowman, wizard)
- kind of assigned spell
Player not change it after choice.

Spell of the land

Each land has default magic spell table.
Officier may personalize this table for your land.
They can create new spell for specific class

History Log

Another tool for all player so they can see any web site modify statistics

Statistic section

All player can see statistics about
- Golds classification
- Level classification
- General classification
- Points classification

Characteristic Player section

Show actual statistics of the player


Documents in html and pdf (Acrobat) format