Follow a list of commands to write in public chat : write /9 followed by:

/9 update force update of your combat meter: player receive a new copy
/9 occ “your text”
out of character text

/9 balance show how many gold coins player has in his bag
/9 gold “quantity”
player rez a bag containing a specific quantity of gold coins
the first player that touch this bag, take the gold coins
by default each player start with 50 gold coins
/9 pay player can pay another player nearby directly with /9 pay.
A list of avatar will show in a new popup

/9 release release a captured player
/9 ver show version of combat meter
/9 show classes show actual list of classes
/9 show races show actual list of races

ON/OFF combat meter

/ 9 off = mode training
/ 9 on = combat mode
You found some command using Hud

Personalize Colors of hovertext

Use command /9 color to personalize color
for example /9 color

Reset Combat Meter

command : /9 reset
Resetting combat meter , you force download configuration player from website.
Reset not force to 100% vitality
If you try remove combat meter when you are die or mana/health not 100% , combat meter not reset .
After reset, armor will be reset !

Reset pass of website

command: /9 resetpass
You receive a new random password to access in website . From website you found a link to personalize password