Build your Image for P-GRID PLAYER Classes

Download sample for Photoshop

Using Gimp or Photoshop ( or other image editor), create a new image with resolution 1020x1020 pixel.

Create your image grid importing image of faces of your heroes.

Each image represent a class. First image is male class, second image is female class.

Each image has resolution 204x204 pixel so you can fill each row with 5 images.

Total images is 5x5=25 images but you use only 24 images ( 12 classes for 2 sex = 24 images ).

Save image in PNG format, TARGA format if you want use also ALPHA channel.

Login with your account in Second Life and upload your image (upload cost is 10 $L)

Extract UUID Key of the image

Return to Diablocs website, after login go to "Land Config" menu, select EDIT and modify field "Player GRID (UUID KEY)" using the key of new imported image

Save selection, return to Second Life and reset combat meter

/9 reset

You will see profile image changed.