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-= DiabloCs Combat System Meter =-
for Role Play Game

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This Combat System Meter is Inspired by the game system of "Dungeons and Dragon"
Calculation of hit points, armor class, attack rolls, bonuses, penalty : Rules drawn from the board game more famous in the world.
The New that distinguishes it from other combat meter is the ability to handle attachments: allows player to manage items wear that are compatible with DiabloCs :
- Armors (armor consists of several pieces)
- Guards
- Weapons

* Creatures of all kinds *
Fighting Creatures . The creatures have their own meter and can be destroyed or killed.
They are also able to attack players and move.
All parameters are freely configurable . (Creatures are supplied separately to the owner of land)

* Fountains of regeneration *
Fountains of regeneration (not included in the meter).
These are sources of energy to renew the Vitality and Mana of the players.
A red ball in the meter indicates our vitality (health), blue ball indicates a spiritual energy (mana) and a final indicator shows stamina

* Http://www.diablocs.eu - website management meter *
The site keeps track of our activities in the game, our characteristics, number of defeats and victories, GOLD (gold nuggets) earned. The player can access with his password to control their game statistics, delete his account, change password.
The website automatically configures the Land. Only the owner of the Land can decide settings. Each Land has separate setting and can be joined (attached) to another to allow the player to use the same features elsewhere.

* Block of shots *
Ability to block shots on defense putting. Just press in mouse look, UP and DOWN arrow keys simultaneously. When you're on defense, the shocks decreased Stamina. When Stamina finished, Vitality decrease (health).

* For the Owner and Game Master *
Utility for managing your RPG like as
- The Mystical Orb to reward or punish other players
- Quest System for the management of Local Quests
- Frangible Walls + script
- Frangible Doors + script
- Land Setting Access and Player Profile Access

More information on the meter in this data sheet at: http://www.diablocs.eu

Scripts for weapons and everything concerns that the meter: Eliah Tenk
Website: Neo Komparu
Armament: Goth Paine
Armor and Protection: Luiscyfer Forcella
RPG advice and support varied group DiabloCs (do search on groups)

Tutto il materiale è reperibile in internet , in world oppure chiedere a Eliah Tenk
personalizzazioni comprese